1st Edition

Bucharest Meeting Point

July 1st-3rd, 2008
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  9 AM
  Business Standard
  Money Express
  New European Economy
New European Economy provides in-depth coverage of strategic commercial management decisions and their impact on corporate bottom lines across Europe. New European Economy provides practical help and assistance to the CEO's and CFO's of mid-market and enterprise sized companies involved in Foreign Direct Investment. New European Economy is published quarterly and distributed by paid subscription in 32 countries throughout Europe to business leaders actively seeking information on issues of foreign direct investment (FDI), tax issues, EU regulation, Property, supply chain management, logistics, risk management, governance and compliance, insurance and liability, sustainability, finance, business technology, communications and business travel.
  Property Xpress
  Red Info
  The Warsaw Voice
The Warsaw Voice is an English language weekly magazine published since 1988. The magazine contains general information, political, economic and real estate news, covers also cultural events. It publishes expert analyses and opinions. Special reports cover major social, political and economic trends in Poland and Central Europe. The Warsaw Voice is read by politicians and diplomats, business people and managers, ambassadors and NATO and EU officials. The Warsaw Voice is the only English-language magazine with such a profile on the Polish market. It has gained international prestige as an independent and credible source of information and it is constantly evolving. Every issue contains a special section devoted to the construction and real estate market—The Real Estate Voice. It contains the most important information on the main segments of the Polish commercial and residential real estate market. Every month within The Real Estate Voice we publish a special report on one segment of the market or on other important developments in the real estate market. The Warsaw Voice participates in all important events associated with the real estate sector, such as Barcelona Meeting Point, Central Europe Meeting Point, EXPO Real, MAPIC and CEPIF. The Warsaw Voice also provides an internet service, at www.warsawvoice.pl. It also publishes a daily general information internet newsletter in Polish and English—Poland’s Voice Today and a weekly electronic newsletter in Polish and English, The Real Estate Voice, both available by online subscription.
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