1st Edition

Bucharest Meeting Point

July 1st-3rd, 2008
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The organizers of "Barcelona Meeting Point", "Central Europe Meeting Point" and "Bucharest Meeting Point" have now decided to set up the second edition of "Bucharest Meeting Point", to take place on May, 5th – 7th to foster real estate business between foreign developers, investors, and industry leaders in Romania, one of the hottest countries in Europe from a property perspective as it is already attracting many international developers and investors.

Based upon the big success of the first edition of BUMP held in Bucharest in 2008, this coming edition of "Bucharest Meeting Point" will have the same format, that is, it will deliver:

1) A Symposium with educational sessions on the legal, financing and urban planning aspects of property investment and developement in Romania. Also, there will be a series of sessions that will analyze the different Romanian markets from both a productstandpoint (office, retail, industrial, residential...) and a geographical one (cities). All this with the collaboration, as it is at BMP and
at CEMP, of the leading international trade institutions and associations.

2) Meetings and Contacts in the Exhibition Area (next to the conference rooms) where there will be a total of 32 companies in 9sq.m. modular stands.

The cost of 9 sq.m. of exhibition space will be € 3,900 (€ 1,950 will be deductible from the exhibiting invoice at Barcelona Meeting Point 2009).

For further information call Victor Roses + (e-mail: roses@bmpsa.com).

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